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I'm going to start this blog by importing my fantroll-related stuff from its respective Tumblr blogs. Here's my first fantroll, who began as a trollsona as sorts:

Devika Vanamo

Eight solar sweeps old, copper-blooded, raised by hopbeastmom (a jackalope the size of an earth human pony). Her symbol is a circle bisected vertically and filled in with her blood color on one side.
She's kind of socially awkward and literal-minded. She hasn't had many friends in her life, and values the ones she has, though she's not very demonstrative of this. She can be paranoid, suspicious and judgmental. She loves cute things, plants and animals. She'd like herself better if she knew how cute she is.
She has a moirail in Melnis Khitur. They look out for each other. He's her only quadrant. She needs to get laid pretty badly.
Hopbeastmom is terribly overprotective and doesn't seem to understand that her charge is growing up and needs to be independent. She certainly didn't teach Devika independence- she came by that on her own and hopbeastmom doesn't usually cooperate with it. She's gradually chilling out as she gets older.
She spends her days surveying the woods, studying its life, guiding any trolls she finds wandering in it on their way, and hunting and gathering. She tries to use everything she obtains.
Some strengths: agility and quickness, love of learning, pragmatism.
Some weaknesses: Paranoia, shyness, bluntness.
On the concupiscent couch, she's pretty submissive, largely because she hasn't learned what she likes yet. She's only been with one troll before, who was skilled but not considerate.
I've been playing her for a few months, and I look forward to playing with you!
Devika and an older Devika
A couple naked Devikas
A bashful Devila talksprite.


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